KMG is a premier marketing provider focused on performance marketing, campaign development and campaign management. Since 2001, KMG continues to expand its network of vendors to give clients the flexibility to tailor their campaign needs while achieving maximum productivity with cutting edge technology.

KMG's success with current and past marketing campaigns reflects our ability to deliver quality products and services to our clients. We aim to maximize clients' revenue sources by providing effective customer reporting, marketing support services and ongoing campaign management.

Through our several services, KMG will develop and manage your marketing segments while analyzing campaign performance to deliver unprecedented results that will increase your company's revenue.

  • Performance Telesales Marketing

    KMG has a network of experienced inside sales agents located within the United States operating within state-of-the-art call center facilities.

  • Customer Service

    Increase customer retention with KMG’s customer service experience. All customer service agents are located in the domestic US. Agents are equipped to handle inbound & outbound calls and messaging.

  • Mobile Products Marketing

    KMG develops, delivers and markets content to mobile devices through web access and custom applications across all mobile platforms.

  • Market Research

    KMG provides customized campaigns for B2B and consumer markets research. Campaign outreach services are provided through voice and SMS applications.